Tips and Tricks

8 Ball Pool is a wildly entertaining, popular game played by millions of people across the globe, but it can also be a real hassle to recover yourself from a devastating game at a high-stakes table. The ultimate goal of any user is to earn as many coins and cash as possible to get their hands on the best cues and play great matches, so here are our tips and tricks that you might need to level up and beat your opponents faster… Of course you can bypass the endless training and practice that it takes to gain real skill and simply use our 8 Ball Pool Tool to get whatever you want. But just in case you want to go the legit way, or don’t want to be exposed for hacking, here are some juicy expert tips that will help you step up your game in no time!

Action Shot

#1 Take things slowly
Remember that you should never try to on high-stake tables until you are experienced enough, most inexperienced players rush and lose all their coins and cash and end up losing interest in the game. Although you can choose from a wide range of tables on which you can play, we recommend new players to stick to Downtown London Pub until you get enough experience to play on other tables, although you can money much faster on high-stakes tables, you need to choose the right tables for your experience in order to reduce the chances of losing your coins.

#2 Buy better cues when you can
Having a better cue gives you an advantage over other new players and increases your odds of winning more coins. A better cue gives you more control over your aim, power and overall cue ball control, so make sure that you’ve got the best cue you can get your hands on, you also get access to more cues as you level up.

#3 Use the Spin and Win
Make sure that you use your free spin on the 8 Ball Pool’s Spin and Win lever, you can actually get free coins, cash and mystery boxes with a bunch of surprises that help you make better pool cues. It’s a really good way to get a head start for new players.

#4 Spin the cue ball!
Most beginners often fail to hit the desired ball into the pocket because they don’t put the required spin on the cue ball, this is especially important in the cases when a ball is too close to a pocket. You can give the cue ball a “front spin” or a “back spin” which helps you hit a ball in the direction you’ve wanted. The perfect balance of spin and power is all you need to master the game!

#5 A few more tips!
Always make sure that you have prepared your shot at least before your timer’s halfway through. Many beginners try to focus on so many targets and eventually make a bad shot before the timer was about to run out. Always keep an eye on the little projections that appear when you aim at a target, this helps you better understand where the ball tends to go after the shot. You can come up with your own strategies and tricks as you level up in the game. Please do write to us by visiting our Contact Us page if you want to us to add any other tricks you think are worth mentioning!