Why Use It

If you’re familiar with Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool, then you probably already know how difficult it could get to maintain a sustainable amount of coins and cash and level up faster. Although it is technically possible to earn coins and cash, buy better cues and level up without spending any money, it is impractical for an average user to do so, because most game developers, design their games in a way that a user has to buy stuff to level up faster.


Why 8BallPoolHackers.com?

There are many “scripts” and “cheats” all over the Internet that you can use which can potentially get your account banned for little to no appreciable results, but here at 8BallPoolHackers.com, we believe in giving the best to our users, our software is only made public after countless studies, development and testing cycles, ensuring maximum reliability.
For an increased level of safety, reliability, and accessibility, we made our software accessible directly through a web browser. You can use any of your favorite web browser and visit our website whenever you want, without spending a dime!


How safe is our hack tool?

We’re proud to tell you that our software is 100% safe, using our exploits cannot get your account banned or flagged, because our program works in a totally different way compared to a conventional hack tool. Our tool is also completely web-based, so you don’t have to download anything on your computer to use our website. In fact, the actual hacking process is performed directly by our servers after collecting necessary parameters from our end-users, this makes handling exceptions way easier for us and allows us to spend our time on developing our services.


How does it work?

When a user enters his/her information in the appropriate fields, the information is tunneled to our servers and encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption technology. This information is destroyed after the hacking process is complete, this information is only retained temporarily so that the requested in-game items can be added to your account. Our proprietary hacking engine takes control over instances of their gaming and transaction modules that are responsible for managing in-game currencies. Once the in-game items have been credited to your account, all the logs and traces of that transactions are totally wiped and the hacking engine gives the control back to the original program, and leaves no trace of its activity on their server, our hacking engine only uses your information when it successfully takes control over their system, so in case of any failure part way, your information would still be encrypted and inaccessible, ensuring 100% safety to your account.


Why support us?

The current “freemium” model of gaming kills fair competition among gamers, for an instance, an inexperienced beginner can easily beat an experienced gamer with a couple purchases, this destroys “fair gameplay” and we believe that our service helps people play their favorite game at its full potential, without spending any money. So, please share our website’s link to your friends and family to support us!